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We intend to maximize economic opportunities and financial stability for Green-Myers shareholders while having a positive impact for future Green-Myers generations as well as the greater Charleston community.


Green-Myers Development, Inc. is a real estate development, S-Corporation, located in Charleston SC. Incorporated in 1997, G-MDI is comprised of more than 60 shareholders, who are descendants and heirs of the original landowners. The original plot consisted of 40 acres along Clements Ferry Road in Berkeley County.

Green-Myers Development



In ten years, Green-Myers Development, Incorporated is established as an admired, multi-generational corporation that is: 

  • Increasing the financial well-being of corporate shareholders through ethical and innovative business practices and opportunities 

  • Expanding the reach of the corporation by acquiring other resource-generating assets

  • Providing scholarships to descendants pursuing educational opportunities beyond high school 

  • Investing in descendants pursuing start-up business opportunities through venture capital

  • Educating others about innovative management of heirs’ property 

  • Instilling a sense of legacy for future Green-Myers generations


Our History


With the construction of the Mark Clark Expressway (I-526), connecting West Ashley to Mount Pleasant, many rural areas in Berkeley County along Clouters Creek, Beresford Creek, the Wando River, and Daniel Island became open for development. Property taxes increased significantly, forcing longtime residents to sell or lose their land due to unpaid taxes. Additionally, many of the properties were considered heirs’ property. Heirs’ property is a legal term for land that is owned by two or more people, usually people with a common ancestor who died without leaving a will. The lack of clear title to their ancestors' land creates ongoing consequences for the owners, even when the land remains in their possession. It is the leading cause of involuntary land loss among African Americans.


Determined not to allow this to happen, the monumental task of identifying and notifying the descendants of Adam Green and Johnny Myers began in 1989. In 1997, the first corporate board was formed along with the election of officers. A clear title was deeded in 1998, with plans for development beginning soon after. The first phase of the development, the Green-Myers Shopping Center, was dedicated in 2007.

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