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As defined by the bylaws, a Corporate shareholder must be a lineal descendant of Adam Green or Johnny Myers (including legally adopted children of lineal descendants). Spouses are not eligible for shareholder status.

Shareholder exchange:

Shareholders are allowed to sell or transfer shares between shareholders or other lineal family members as defined above.


The corporation does not set the price for the sale of shares between shareholders and is not involved in the negotiations. The current value of the share, based on tax year, is on the annual K-1 statement, but the offer amount can be any set by the seller.


Any negotiations are exclusively between the seller and buyer.

Once the two parties reach an agreement, the following protocol is required to transfer the shares:

- A letter from the selling/transferring shareholder, signed and dated by a notary, stating:

  • The number of shares s/he currently has;

  • The number of shares to transfer and to whom;

-Surrendered original stock certificate(s) for all shareholders involved (shareholder to shareholder transaction).

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Please note:

The Corporation may request verification that the potential buyer is a member of the Green / Myers family lineage. Failure to provide information will invalidate the sale.

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Listings will remain active for 90 days. You may renew the listing up to three times.

To place your shares on the marketplace, please complete the following information:

Any negotiations are exclusively between the seller and buyer.

Please complete all of the information. If any of your contact information changes, please make sure to contact the board president or secretary as soon as possible to ensure you continue to receive correspondence in a timely manner.

Thank You!

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